How to Help

The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti is in need of financial assistance. We also need computers, school supplies and other necessities. Anything that can improve living conditions is appreciated. As a grass roots foundation your donations will go directly to the cause. Please click on the "GIVE" link on our home page and donate today.


Why Support Us



The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti is certainly not the only nonprofit focused on helping Haiti recover from years of governmental issues and the massive earthquake, so why support us? Here are a few reasons:


We are a grassroots organization dedicated to ensuring that ALL donations go directly to the people and children of Haiti. Many charities have excessive administrative costs which consume far too much of the funds intended for the people; we do not.


Our team is powered by volunteers. Our board members do not draw salaries and our trips to Haiti are paid for out of our own pockets.


We are committed to making a difference in Miragoane, Haiti. We are investing in the future of Haiti by focusing on education and self-sufficiency. The children are the future of Haiti. Without education and opportunities, many will grow up and leave the country in search of a better life. If this happens, the cycle will continue. We can break this cycle, one child at a time.


Most importantly, we believe in the power of people helping people. If you share this belief, we urge you to get involved. We need your support! Whether you want to volunteer, initiate a fund-raiser, donate items, or contribute financially, we can use your help. Your contribution may be tax deductible – and it WILL make its way to Haiti where it is desperately needed. Will you join us in our efforts? Donate to The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti and make a difference today.








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