Our Founder, Monrovia Richardson, Tells Our Story...

I was born and raised in Haiti. At age 14, I came to the United States with full residency in 1978. I attended high school, became a U.S. citizen, and adopted this country as my own. However, I never forget my roots and am passionate about helping the people of Haiti.

Grateful for the opportunities I've received in the U.S. I always knew I wouldn’t be the type of person who gets the opportunity for a better life and forgets where I came from and the struggles I endured or watched my people endure.  I felt compelled to do whatever I can to give back what I learned and the opportunities I was given to the people and country I was born to.  I feel that the young people growing up in Haiti just need an opportunity to learn and do for themselves; unfortunately, circumstances beyond their control prevent this.

Knowing our history of service to Haiti, our friends and family members encouraged us to form a nonprofit to provide both immediate and long term help. Thus, The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti was born. The people of Haiti have suffered so many hardships, and yet they remain incredibly strong. So much needs to be done to rebuild the country, that the task at times seem daunting, however to us; not impossible.







I believe the education of the new generation is the key to strengthening the countries social and economic state and reinvigorating a rich history of culture, art and pride that was almost stripped away by the 2010 earthquake and years of neglect of these very youth and the systems needed to help them, help themselves. We must improve the lives and living conditions of these future leaders. They need to be current with technology and given access to a better education; this is where we focus our efforts.

Despite the tragedy of the earthquake, I believe it opened the eyes, hearts, and wallets of people around the world, especially the Haitian people living abroad.  I have witnessed how even the smallest of gestures and donations can make a difference in people's lives. With your help, our foundation can continue making a difference in Haiti for years to come.


A Brief Lesson

Recent catastrophes have opened the world's eyes to Haiti. We all understand the need to rebuild and provide access to improved drinking water and sanitation facilities. However, did you know that…?

  • Nearly half of the population of Haiti cannot read or write
  • Over half of the Haitian workforce never completed a basic education
  • Haiti has the highest percentage of college educated citizens living abroad

With these figures in mind, The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti is working on projects intended to address the education crisis in Miragoane.


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