3 things our board member volunteers have in common that make them so special:

  • They all share a passion for helping others.
  • Whether the foundation existed or not they are all selfless in their acts of kindness towards others.
  • NONE of them are paid not one penny by the foundation for all the time, effort and hardwork they GIVE.

With an extensive background in credit union accounting, operations, and leadership, Ray Harrison has proven his abilities in guiding organizations toward profitability and growth. For the past decade, Ray has served as the controller for a federal credit union with assets of over $60 million. Wanting to do more, Ray is now blending his organizational, budgeting and asset management skills with his passion for helping people by joining the board of directors for The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti. His leadership, guidance, and oversight are vital to our mission.

Ray HarrisonTreasurer | Board Member





The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti gets its name from its founding member, Monrovia Richardson. Monrovia was born and raised in Haiti. At age 14, her father brought her to the United States where she attended high school and became a US. Citizen. Currently a wife, mother, and Realestate agent in Southern California, Monrovia is passionate about helping the people she left behind in Haiti. Monrovia believes that her life is better today because someone was willing to take the time to show her the way. As a result, she has dedicated her life to helping others as much as possible for the rest of her life.

Monrovia RichardsonPresident | Founder





Like Monrovia, Berres Richardson was born in a third world country and immigrated to the United States as a child.  His mother was passionate about helping the less fortunate and instilled this value in Berres from an early age. His wife's dedication to the people of Haiti soon became his own. Berres has been in the sales management field for over 20 years, has managed teams consisting of over 180 members, and was instrumental in launching one of the biggest telecom markets in the nation. His unique sales, management, coordination, and interpersonal skills are a tremendous asset to the Monrovia Foundation for Haiti.

Berres RichardsonAdvisor | Co-Founder





Dawn Samuel is a member of the New York State Bar and has been in the legal field for over 19 years.  She manages large litigation cases for a major New York Law firm.  She sits on the Ebenezer SDA Church Board where she is the Religious Liberty Director and a member of the Education Committee.  Since joining the Board Dawn has been committed to helping the children of Mirogoane improve their future through education.

Dawn PinnockEvent Planner - NY | Board Member





Tracy Prince, a registered nurse, has an inate gift for caring and teaching for others.

Her dedication to improving the health and lives of others is readily apparent.

Tracy shares Monrovia's belief that education is the key to success for the  people of Miragoane.

Her compassion and dedication motivates her to help those in need.  Tracy has participated in many fundraising events over the yeas helping, family, friends, co-workers, and the school children in Haiti.  Her critical thinking, leadership skills, and generosity in helping disadvantaged people are among the many assets Tracy brings as a Board Member to the team of The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti

Shelby M. Colbert has a bachelor's degree in Social Work and has a Master's Degree in Psychology from Brandman University. She has worked in the nonprofit field for over 10 years. Since 2006, Shelby has traveled to Haiti several times.  Since the 2010 earthquake, Shelby and her family members have helped the people of Miragoane rebuild their community. Shelby plans on putting her nonprofit experience to good use as a board member of The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti and hopes to make a positive impact on the community of Miragoane, Haiti".

Tracy PrinceEvent Coordinator | Board Member





Shelby ColbertSecretary | Board Member





Richard Lespinasse, a native of Southern California, grew up in New York and now attends college in Florida. No stranger to charitable foundations, Richard has worked on many volunteer projects. After visiting Haiti in 2011, he fell in love with the country, its charm, and, most importantly, its children. He believes that all children should have access to the same opportunities. Driven by this belief, Richard is committed to lending a helping hand to those children in need through The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti.

Richard LespinasseEvent Planner - NY | Board Member





Mandisa Richardson is a Southern California native. Born in Riverside, Mandisa grew up in Moreno Valley with her parents. She is currently pursuing an MBA at Brandman University and is currently an insurance account executive.  She has been inspired to support the country and help her family and friends in the city of Miragoane. After the devastating earthquake in 2010, Mandisa has committed herself to making a difference in the country. She is focused on helping provide a better education and offering the same opportunities that she has in the United States. She plans on using her business experience to assist and support The Monrovia Foundation for Haiti.

Garry is our Project Coordinator in Miragoane. He handles logistics all coordination efforts with our schools. He is also responsible for receiving shipped equipment, school supplies, transportation, handling and delivery.

Mandisa SavoyEvent Planner - LA | Board Member





Garry ColbertProject Coordinator - Haiti






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